How do I use lolSnes?

Download lolSnes. Place lolSnes.nds on your linker, in the same place as the other ROMs (typically the SD card's root). If your linker requires it, patch lolSnes.nds (most modern linkers don't require it). In the folder where you placed lolSnes.nds, create a folder named 'snes', and place your SNES ROMs in there. Launch lolSnes, select the ROM you want to play, and uh, have fun.

Where do I get SNES ROMs?

Google is your friend.

How do I run lolSnes on a DS emulator?

You'd better use a PC SNES emulator directly. They run better than lolSnes and require less power. Reasons I use DeSmuME are that it allows for practical development and testing, and it's the only way I can take screenshots of lolSnes. lolSnes runs better on the real hardware, though.

How do I build lolSnes from Git?

Download the code (Github lets you download an archive easily). Install the latest devKitPro if you haven't already. Then just run build.bat (or run make if you aren't a Windows user).

I have a DSi/DSTwo/3DS/whatever special device, does lolSnes support it?

No. lolSnes is a pure DS-mode program.

It could be ported to DSi mode relatively easily, but I don't have a DSi and DSi mode is not available widely enough to warrant it. As for 3DS mode, it hasn't been hacked yet at the time of writing this. And uh, even if it was, why bother? The 3DS would surely be powerful enough to handle a Snes9x port which would perform better than lolSnes.

And the DSTwo... I don't have one. Not everyone has one, either. Also, emulating a SNES on a DS is like a challenge for me, and adding extra CPUs is like cheating. Oh and last, the Supercard Team's policy regarding DSTwo development would be incompatible with lolSnes's open source status.